About organizers

Meet the teams

Organizing a conference includes a wide scale of different aspects from evaluating abstracts to practical arrangements during the conference. BOBCATSSS 2017 is organized in collaboration with students from University of Tampere (Finland), Oslo and Akershus University College (Norway) and Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands). The organizers have grouped into several teams with different points of interest. 

Coordination team

Conference coordinator: Jasmiina Sillanpää
Financial coordinator: Titta Tuovinen
Volunteer coordinator: Anuliina Väisänen
Assistant coordinators: Soile Kolehma & Shan Luolin
International coordinators: Dimitra Panopoulou-Huovila, Christian van der Kooi & Vilde Mei Arnestad

As the teams concentrate on their own tasks organizing the conference, coordination team connects these various tasks together while facilitating communication between the teams and assisting them when needed.

Social program team

Team leaders: Anni Ala-Piirto & Joni Alava

Social program team organizes all the social events during the conference and finds all the great performers. Our goal is to create interesting and fun events that show our country and city and keep people entertained throughout their stay. Our biggest events are the gala dinner and second day party.

Marketing team

Team leader: Soile Kolehma
Team members: Salla Pajunen, Ria Gynther, Heini Peltola, Karoline F. Andreassen, Kaddy Marong, Ilse Oosterhoff, Suzanna Nieuwenkamp, Christian van der Kooi

Marketing and social media team provides the latest news on BOBCATSSS and creates a positive vibe on social media. This includes all kinds of tasks from writing newsletters to creating funny memes on Instagram. The team also participates in creating the best BOBCATSSS 2017 website possible.

Content team

Team leaders: Serafia Kari, Lill-Margrete Solbakken & Anne-Inger Hellekjær
Team members: Titta Tuovinen, Jasmiina Sillanpää, Saara Packalén, Tuulikki Alamettälä, Karoline F. Andreassen, Kaddy Marong, Cécilia Elsen, Aina Simenstad, Pål Smievoll, Stine Elise Solberg & Mariann Ekkeren Væring

Content team is responsible for planning the main theme and subthemes for the conference. The team also prepares guidelines for the papers and selects the keynote speakers. The conference schedule and programme are planned by the content team.

Visual team

Team leader: Shan Luolin
Graphic designer: Sofia Kari
Team members: Salla Pajunen, Soile Kolehma, Tanja Hintsanen, Virpi Lahdensuo, Heini Peltola & Serafia Kari

Visual team creates the visual identity of the conference and designs conference material based on the graphic charter. Conference material includes e.g. print products, layouts for website and visual material for marketing purposes.

Financial team

Team leaders: Serafia Kari, Titta Tuovinen & Shan Luolin
Team members: Anni Ala-Piirto, Virpi Lahdensuo, Joni Alava, Jasmiina Sillanpää, Lone Wanderås Fossum, Line U. Helgar, Oda Rugaard, Christian van der Kooi, Kees Westerkamp & Suzanna Nieuwenkamp

Financial team manages the finances of the conference which includes setting the budget, applying for grants, and contacting sponsors and local partners. Financial team also takes care of implementing the services provided in sponsorship packages.

Technical team

Team leader: Tanja Hintsanen
Team members: Virpi Lahdensuo, Dimitra Panopoulou-Huovila & Asko Autio

Technical team makes sure that e.g. emails, website and conference tool are working as they should. During the conference, they also check that all the crucially important wires are connected, and take care of the technical issues.

Logistics team

Team leaders: Aino Strömberg & Ari Löhönen
Team members: Shan Luolin, Titta Tuovinen & Gryteke Schievink

On the responsibility of the logistics team are varying tasks from real estate reservations to ordering printed matter. We cooperate a lot with the other teams and our tasks are also often discussed at our mutual meetings.

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