Finland and Tampere travel tips


Finland and Tampere travel tips

Weather and how to dress
The weather cast for the conference days at the moment is around -5°C but the temperature might drop to -15°C as well. The ten day weather forecast can be found for example at Foreca’s website. We highly recommend wearing warm clothes and layering: warm gloves or mittens, a warm beanie, a scarf, a thick padded jacket, warm socks, thick warm shoes and thermal underwear. Remember, it’s easier to remove layers if it’s too hot! Here are some tips from other people:

Finnish language
Finnish people understand English well but here are some words and phrases in Finnish that you can use:

Some basic Finnish words
Yes: kyllä or joo
No: ei
Thank you: kiitos
Hi, hello: hei, moi, terve or as they say in Tampere: moro
Sorry: anteeksi
Street: tie or katu
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten: yksi, kaksi, kolme, neljä, viisi, kuusi, seitsemän, kahdeksan, yhdeksän, kymmenen
Cheers!: Kippis!
Basic Finnish phrases
Good morning: Hyvää huomenta
Good afternoon: Hyvää iltapäivää
Good night: Hyvää yötä
Nice to meet you: Mukava tavata
How are you?: Mitä kuuluu?
I don’t understand: En ymmärrä
I don’t speak Finnish: En puhu suomea
How much?: Kuinka paljon?
Can you help me?: Voisitteko auttaa minua?
Where is..?: Missä on..? (For example: Where is the university?: Missä on yliopisto?)
Can I have one beer, please: Yksi olut, kiitos

Finnish food
And finally, some top local foods and candy that you might want to try while you’re here: Black sausage (mustamakkara), pea soup (hernekeitto, you can have this at Juvenes restaurant on Thursday!), rye bread (ruisleipä), licorice (lakritsi) and salmiakki.

For more information about Tampere and what to do, check out the website of Visit Tampere.