Our sponsors

Librarians Foundation was established in 1996 to foster and support the work of librarians and the basic training in the field, as well as research. Over the years, the Foundation has supported the publication of books, and numerous dissertations in the field. In recent years, the focus of the Foundation has been shifted to various projects.

Kuntien asiantuntijat – KUMULA is a trade union that presents the interest of people who work in specialist and supervisory positions in administration of municipalities or libraries. We promote good labour relations as well as our members’ professional and educational rights. Kumula is is an affiliate of Akava Special Branches and the Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals AKAVA.

The Norwegian Union of Librarians was founded in 1993. In 2014 they had over 1750 members, which is over half of all Norwegian librarians. They work to promote wages and other work related issues concerning the librarians in Norway, in both public and private sector. 

Bibliotek-Systemer is the developer of library systems, and its two main products are Bibliofil and eBokBib. Bibliofil is a product for collection systematization. It has modules for cataloging, searching and loan. eBokBib is a distribution and loan site for ebooks. Both products are some of the most used in Norwegian libraries. They also develop self service product for libraries.

The Finnish Research Library Association promotes the role of libraries in research and education. The Association was established in 1929 and has several active working groups and around 600 members. The Association’s goals and activities include for example, increasing the visibility and efficiency of library and information services, organizing training events, and participating in international events and projects.

Norwegian Library Association is an advocacy group working to promote libraries and the work of libraries in Norway. They are working to strengthen and develop the position of libraries in the society, and to promote the interest of libraries to the authorities and the public in general.

Finnish Library Association (FLA) is a lobbyist for public libraries in Finland that organises campaigns and provides decision makers with expert information on libraries. FLA participates actively in topical debates; current discussions concern the role of libraries in the society, the development of librarianship and information studies education, and the image and status of library work. 

BIBSYS is an administrative agency under the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. BIBSYS delivers products and services for exchange, storage and retrieval of data. They are a integrator and collaborator for organizations within the Norwegian higher education system. They offer easy access to library resources and deliver a range of integrated products for the internal operation of research and special libraries.


INA is a member association of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers. The union is a member of Akava, the national trade union confederation for those with university, professional or other high-level education. Members of INA (around 650) are librarians, information specialists, library directors, managers and other professionals working in the field of information. We are working, for example, at universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions.

With us, you will stay overnight in an excellent room in the heart of the city, always for a good price. We want to change hotel business by developing a completely new hotel concept, where customers won’t end up paying for pompous facades, lobbies and other excesses. We offer rooms for up to four people so we are an excellent choice for groups.

The best club in Tampere = Klubi! Looking for a place to have lunch or a nice cup of coffee, enjoy live music or dancing until 4 am? The answer is Klubi, the most active and versatile club in the city of Tampere. Klubi is located in an old red-brick customs house near the university and railway station.

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From a hobby project to a serious one-man video and animations production company, Video Pictoria combines the experience of 10 years with lean and competitive production quality in the new digital media field. His clients include universities, startups, business and sports associations and more. From camerawork to motion graphics and 360s, Video Pictoria has got you covered.

Facet Publishing is the commercial publishing and bookselling arm of CILIP (The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals). We publish books for the library and information professions and are proud that the Facet brand is recognised internationally as the home of quality content.