Conference program

Paper sessions are named after the conference topics: libraries (LIB), information (INF), and interactive media (IM).
PDF version of the program is available here.
Day 1
25 Jan 2017
Day 2
26 Jan 2017
Day 3
27 Jan 2017

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Paper session 1 IM

Zsuzsanna Arany
Banned? Tolerated? Supported? The appearance of information and communication technology devices in public education

Godoberta Gumbakytė and Ligita Barsukova
The E-Learning Of Generation Z: Generation Needs And Future Perspective

Koos de Beer and Theo Bothma
Designing gameful experiences using alternate reality games

Susan Archambault
Virtually Together: Building an Online Information Literacy Community

Paper session 2 LIB

Liezl Ball and Theo Bothma
The importance of usability evaluation when developing digital tools for a library – a case study

Natalia Bermudes Qvortrup
Making the case for international library collaborations with the global south: A comparative case study of Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

Magdalena Paul
Social impact of Polish public libraries

Aida Pooladian and Ángel Borrego
What do people think about public libraries in Barcelona? An obtrusive evaluation of citizens' views

Workshop 1

Kristina Kirjanova, Leonie Askes, Steven Hazenberg, Leyre San Miguel and Markéta Kučerová
What can be tracked, will be tracked

Workshop 2

Ilse Oosterhoff, Gryteke Schievink, Alicia Brito Sánchez, Da Hea Moon and Arno Veenstra
How can Quantified Self improve Mental Health?

Workshop 3

Paul Renardel, Niels Nanninga, Clara Rodriguez Ruiz, Julian Sieber and Oneill Thenu
Virtual reality (VR) in mental health treatment: Possibilities and challenges

Paper session 3 INF

Kristina Berketa, Madeleine Lundman, Martina Dragija Ivanović and Koraljka Golub
The importance of good classifications and subject indexing of health information in public libraries: a comparative analysis

Andor Nagy
Automated content analysis the more efficient understanding of the informations

Understanding Disaster Related Information Seeking Behavior Using Oral Documents

Paper session 4 LIB

Sònia Camarasa Sola and Laia Lapeyra i Julià
The library-school project: Improving the lives of children through the library

Jesus Espinoza
Interlibrary Loan in the ever-changing Academic Library

Dimitris Rousidis and George Christodoulou
A guide for the optimum selection of a Free Open Source Integrated Library System

Coffee & tea

Paper session 5 INF

Björn Ekström
The Illicit Information Community: Information Practical Reflections of the Shadow Library AAARG

Gilbert Faure
Content Curation for Health and Well being: A way for MDs and patients to survive Infobesity

Galanos Vassilis
The Double Meaning of "Replacement" and the Moral Value of Human and Nonhuman Inforgs: Crossroads of Philosophy of Information and Actor-Network Theory

Camillé Herve, Eunsu Ahn and Laury Zinsz
Crowdsourcing For Quality Of Life: The Case Of Collaborative Crisis Mapping

Paper session 6 LIB

Stella O. Oyediran-Tidings
Availability and accessibility of educational information to learners in selected high schools in South Africa

Garambois Marie and Amélie Barrio
From peer economy to peer library, innovative French projects improving quality of life: common goods, creation, value

Erin Shores
An International Analysis of Library Relief Strategies

Ursula Georgy
Continuing Education Certification in LIS: ISO 9001 and ISO 29990

Workshop 4

Jovana Pistek and Christian van der Kooi
How can Open Government Data improve our quality of life : The power of Open Government Data

Workshop 5

Karen Sobel and Zachary Newell
Academic Libraries as Centers of Equity on Campus

Workshop 6

Sondre Mula Myhre, Duguneh Juwara, Jordy Stevens, Jelco Kingma and Ting-Wei Lin
Get Ready for Smart Cities!


Paper session 7 IM

Františka Tomoriavá
Depersonalization of moral agent in online environment

Adam Jerrett, Theo Bothma and Koos de Beer
Navigating the Information Landscape of an Educational Alternate Reality Game

Pirjo Kangas
Game-based learning platforms in information literacy teaching

Paper session 8 LIB

Hope Shinn
Internet Filtering in School Libraries: A Comparison of Government and Library Association Policies in the United States and Australia

Cecilia Elsen
How can library anxiety play a positive role on students' identity? A philosophical approach to anxiety and academic libraries

Lisa Engström
Exploring staff-less libraries as social space; a methodological reflection

Coffee & tea

Paper session 9 INF

Lauryn Lehman
Open Access Initiatives in Africa – Situating Ongoing Barriers to the Dissemination of Information

Nemeth Marton
Widening the limits of cognitive reception with online digital library graph databases on the semantic web

Daniel D. Meir
Keyword Searching for Visual Inspiration? Meeting the Image Search Needs of Architecture Students

Lauri Roine
New directions in bibliographic control

Paper session 10 LIB

Anita Kállai
Qualified Library - A Hungarian Method for Corporate Social Responsibility

Mariann Væring
Bibliotherapy as a method to ensure quality of follow up and treatment of families dealing with recent diagnosing of psychiatric disorders

Georgios Kourkoulos and Ruth Gbikpi
The EUI Library and the Delivery of Non-Electronic Resources: Putting the Physical Collection on the Move

Rodney Obien and Zachary Giroux
Creating A Third Space, A Memory House: The Orang Asli Archive

Workshop 7

Kevin Röder, Mick van Galen and Suzanna Nieuwenkamp
The conflict between data mining and online privacy


Paper session 11 IM

Liene Viļuma
When Task Completion Is Not Enough: Experiential Aspects of University E-Services

Carla Ollé Vera and Aida Pooladian
Cookies and privacy: What do they do with our personal information?

Tea Šango and Tomislav Rajković
Online Gaming Communities in Croatia

Andrea Hrckova and Andrej Garaj
From ego-centered to user-centered design of gamification

Paper session 12 LIB

Zane Meldere
Cooperation networks among Riga Central Library and its branch libraries

Zachary Newell and Karen Sobel
The Impact of Creativity on Information Literacy Instruction

Gül Yücel
Public Libraries and Flexible Planning: Istanbul Public Libraries Case

Marilou Pain and Raphaëlle Bats
Bibliodebout: a collaborative library in a social movement

Paper session 14

Ina Blümel
Uncovering Science Practices: Information Science students in search of the reality behind the notion of Open Science

Tom Becker
Functions of knowledge management in Finnish public libraries - A research project in cooperation with metropolitan city libraries in Northern Europe

Elina Sniedze
Montessori Pedagogy Method – Can We Introduce It at the Library?

Workshop 8

Evert van Bolhuis, Pieter Prins, Marina Martin and Margot Verleg
Do you trust your social media feed?