How to get there

Travelling to Tampere

You can travel to Tampere easily by plane, train or bus. Tampere has its own Tampere-Pirkkala Airport, and taking the city bus from the airport to Tampere city centre takes about half an hour. You can also fly to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and travel to Tampere either by coach or train. The coach from Helsinki to Tampere takes approximately two to three hours, and by train it takes less than two hours.
By coach

The long-distance coaches operate from Tampere bus station (address: Hatanpään valtatie 5-7). From Matkahuolto’s website you can get the latest information on how to get to Tampere including timetables, bus stops and tickets. Onnibus also operates from Tampere, you can find information on routes and timetables on their website.


  • Booking the ticket online beforehand is much cheaper than buying the ticket from the bus or at a bus station.
  • The coach ticket from Helsinki centre to Tampere is usually cheaper than from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Tampere.
  • The main bus station in Helsinki is called Kamppi.
  • Bus station in Finnish = linja-autoasema.
By train

Tampere is easily accessible by train from Helsinki and all over Finland. You can get information on routes, timetables and tickets from VR Finnish Railways. The waiting hall of Tampere railway station (address: Rautatienkatu 25) is open Mon-Sun 05.00-01.00, the travel tunnel is open 24h.


  • Booking the ticket online beforehand is much cheaper than buying the ticket from the train or at a railway station. (You can also find discounted tickets when you register on VR’s website.)
  • If you are travelling from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, change trains in Tikkurila to travel to Tampere.
  • A long-distance train ticket is valid from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, if Helsinki Airport is selected as the departing station. You can find more information on travelling by train from/to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport here.
  • Railway station in Finnish = rautatieasema.
By plane

There are direct flights to Tampere from, for example, Helsinki, Stockholm (Sweden), Bremen (Germany) and Budapest (Hungary). Please note that flight connections vary according to the season. The address for Tampere-Pirkkala Airport is Varikontie 14, Pirkkala.

Bus connection between Tampere-Pirkkala Airport and the city centre
City bus line no. 1A (only the buses with the letter A) operates between Tampere-Pirkkala Airport Terminal 1 and the city centre. The route includes stops at the railway station, the east end of Hämeenkatu, Koskipuisto and the bus station.


Miscellaneous tips:

  • WIZZAIR offers cheap flights between Gdansk and Turku
  • You can take a ferry from Tallinn or Stockholm to Helsinki
  • Many low-cost flight companies have Tallinn as their destination
  • Book your train tickets online in advance and get it as cheap as for 10 euros